About DataSecOps

We believe that data managers should be empowered, not hindered, by their data. With stringent regulations and cross-border restrictions only likely to increase, businesses should be seeking solutions that extract value from their data-rich assets.

eXate: Democratising Data Privacy

In the age of data fluidity, eXate is democratising data privacy for organisations by providing a simple embedded solution that automates the technical enforcement of data policies. In turn, businesses can overcome the large-scale challenges created by evolving and complex global data privacy regulations.

eXate’s DataSecOps solution empowers Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Governance Risk and Control, Cyber Security and Operations teams to work together in a single application for safer and easier access, analysis, delivery and governance of data.

DataSecOps by eXate for software engineers, data scientists and cyber security teams
How DataSecOps Adds Value To Your Organization

DataSecOps is the evolution of the DevSecOps model for data management. It emphasises synergy between the various data managers within an organisation – those who access, analyse and deliver data – in order to realise its potential. No more working in silos; DataSecOps offers one version of the truth for improved security, insights and collaboration.

The secure encoding and delivery of information is at the forefront of the implementation process. DataSecOps combines and coordinates multiple privacy enhancing technologies within a single intuitive platform, connected to built-in governance and controls. This allows the data to be securely protected with a variety of different methods during the migration process, ensuring greater data protection without compromising accessibility, unlike manual methods or multiple single-point systems.

By allowing data policies to automatically be applied to data, users are able to realise the true value of data once again to provide a strategic and competitive advantage. eXate’s clients are reporting significant time and cost savings, with data protection processes now being realised in minutes instead of months.

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DataSecOps helps with bottlenecks restricting access to data

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DataSecOps streamlines your data processes

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