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Global Data Diaries | August 20, 2021

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

View from Peter Lancos, CEO

"Welcome to another Global Data Diaries! This week we're focussing on the importance of destroying data securely, something often overlooked when considering data security.
The data available today contains more information than ever - as crucial as it is to secure the data that is being transmitted, destruction and disposal of data is equally as important. Organisations that do not have a check on the data disposal process are vulnerable to security incidents, severe fines & penalties and reputation damage.
According to a recent article in ACFE Insights, although data destruction is something that companies often neglect to spend enough resources on, it is an increasingly important part of every business. For fraud examiners especially, this can be a matter of ethics since any type of data leakage can lead to identity theft, fraud or IP theft. By investing in the creation and implementation of a rock-solid data destruction policy, any company can protect its reputation and the confidential data of its customers..."

The Importance of Having an Effective Data Destruction Policy

One of the provisions of the GDPR, and most other similar legislative devices, is that the person or entity who uses a customer’s data remains responsible for the safety and security of that data even if it is no longer being actively used. Under these provisions, every company needs to make sure that inactive data has been completely and irrecoverably destroyed since failing to do so can lead to significant financial and reputational damage.

Data Destruction Service Market Growth 2021

Growth Analysis of Data Destruction Service Market In 2021 : The increasing use of Data Destruction Service in Physical Destruction, Software Data Elimination and other industries is driving the growth of the Data.

China tech stocks hit after Beijing passes data privacy law

Shares in Tech Giants Alibaba and Tencent drop as fears mount of crackdown spreading into new sectors.


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