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Global Data Diaries | January 14, 2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

View from Peter Lancos, CEO

"Welcome to the first Global Data Diaries of 2022! eXate's Global Data Diaries is a fortnightly blog series that aims to bring you the latest news, tips and insights from the world of data and data privacy. Today we speak about the key elements or the pillars of data-based innovation – privacy, security, governance and sustainability.

Managing the already enormous, and ever-growing, pile of data is definitely not easy in today’s technology ecosystem. Security measures are a key step that would help companies defend themselves against the exorbitant fines levied as a result of non-compliance. Also, many data privacy regulations have proliferated in the past few years, with laws like CCPA, GDPR, and others going into effect. This would mean that, apart from protecting the data, it will also has to be governed. This brings us to the first three pillars of a data-centric ecosystem:

  1. A privacy-first approach

  2. Secured data storage and sharing

  3. Data governance to ensure compliance to regulations

Lastly, a topic that has gained quite a bit of traction over the last couple of years is “Data Sustainability”, a lesser thought of, but a very important pillar for, any data-related innovation.

The material and situated character of data raises questions concerning the ethics of the increasingly fashionable Big Data notions. Data is backed up in multiple servers, in multiple countries. Research shows that datacentres are among the biggest consumers of energy on this planet. Similarly, there is a definite need-of-the-hour to reduce information wastage through sustainability and data analytics. Sustainability can well be tied back to how secure and protected an organisations’ data really is. That being said, security, privacy, governance and sustainability, together, have the potential to accurately calibrate the quality and quantity of data available.

All these four aspects can be achieved with careful design and management decisions and also by the choice of the right tools and services. We, at eXate, strive to orchestrate smart data privacy. Read more about our products and the Hard Problems We Solve here.


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