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APIgator Exate


APIgator by eXate is a scalable and efficient way to protect data flowing through APIs. It provides a full audit on who is accessing data and who is blocked from accessing data.


APIgator can Find, Analyse, Solve and Test the data flowing through your APIs, it supports the growth of your API program by ensuring your data is handled consistently and predictably in every API from the outset.



By applying the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP), APIgator has been designed to protect sensitive data and ensure only the correct, relevant information is provided to the right people. APIgator eliminates the risk of over-distributing data and allows data policies to be applied centrally.


Data flowing through an API will have different types of data protection (if there is protection at all) per API. However, what happens to the data once it leaves the API? What does the person or application who receives the data do with it?  Do they pass it on to others?  To build and maintain the security and privacy into every API, allowing multi-functional and cross-border data sharing, can be costly.

APIgator is an end-to-end solution for organisations looking to fully protect data flowing through their APIs. By controlling data security centrally at a proxy level, eXate’s highly efficient data protection solution provides significant time and cost savings, while ensuring the correct personal information is delivered to the right people.



Scalable and efficient in protecting the data flowing through APIs

Full audit on who is accessing data and who is blocked from accessing data

Safe sharing with third parties by applying internal policies and rules on the data that is shared

Use of internal controls and client consent to determine data access

Transparency to clients as to how their data is being used and for what purpose

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