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Introducing DataSecOps

eXate’s DataSecOps solution simplifies the way organisations access and share data.
By providing an embedded platform that automates the technical enforcement of data policies, eXate and DataSecOps helps solve the large-scale challenges created by complex global data privacy regulations.
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Why eXate

eXate streamlines, automates and simplifies the processes of storing, interpreting and extracting value from data assets. It democratises data privacy for organisations by providing a simple, embedded platform that automates the technical enforcement of data policies.

Governance & Controls

Centralise Data Policy Management & Audit


Aggregation of Multiple Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)

Security Native

The Intersection of Security, Privacy and Cyber



eXate and collaborative DataSecOps increases the speed of business by driving higher efficiency across all stages of the data access and management lifecycle. For the first time, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, QA, Security, and Operations teams can work collaboratively in a single application.

Speed to Market

There’s no need to interpret multiple policy documents, or to waste time waiting for approvals to access data. All stakeholders contribute to a single platform, instead of managing multiple threads across disparate tools. Only eXate gives teams complete visibility across the data estate with a single, trusted source of rules to simplify data access.

Granular Controls

All activity is governed by consistent and centralised rules, making security and compliance first-class citizens instead of an afterthought.

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