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At eXate we are focused on having a positive impact on the environment. We are conscious of what we do and believe in a future where data is secure however in a sustainable manner. Knowing that you can eXate your data without harming the environment is essential to us and our customers.



We are devoted to this mission and therefore we continue to work remotely even with rules being eased. Offering remote work reduces the transport taken and equates to less carbon emissions and the overall helping of our company's carbon footprint.


eXate is entirely digital, we have opted to go in this direction to ensure that there is less waste from us as a company. Since working remotely, eXate has found that being entirely digital has had a positive impact. With reduction to waste we are not adding to the landfills and considering IT equipment, we reuse laptops with new employees to reduce waste of electrical equipment.

We choose to use businesses that have a mission in helping the environment. eXate uses google workspace which has a reported decrease in IT energy use and carbon emissions of 65% to 85%. Google has stated that they have been carbon neutral since 2007 and carbon free by 2030. eXate also uses Amazon which has a mission of ensuring they use 100% renewable energy. With this conscious effort of choosing the correct business to help us be sustainable we reduce the impact we have. 


As a result of our new sustainability goals, we are addressing one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as core aspects of our product - “Responsible consumption and production”. We have taken this into consideration to ensure that our product is sustainable to improve the world we live in for us and our peers. Our steps we have taken add to addressing this goal and will help us navigate where we can improve. 


We don't just want to stop here. Sustainability is a serious project and we have steps laid out to only improve our look on the environment. We plan too:

  • Use renewable energy when we return to the office. As the company grows we will grow too but that does not stop our steps in being sustainable. We will assess all points where renewable energy can be used.

  • Use sustainable products. We will make a conscious effort to use sustainable products such as second hand or recycled.


Our customers are large companies that have strategies set in place on how their company will help the environment. We help our customers with their mission as well as ours by ensuring that our product and company are sustainable. Supporting our customers with their sustainability goals combines the effort to improve the planet we live in, overall this helps with climate change, waste and pollution. We are actively ensuring that our collaboration with our customers will only help create a brighter future for all generations.

Every business has a part to play no matter their size and we as a company take account of our impact. Therefore we take sustainability seriously and will constantly evolve our ways to be a sustainable company.



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