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eXate streamlines, automates and simplifies the processes of storing, interpreting and extracting value from data assets.


eXate protects data in order to unlock its value. As a result, it allows data to be safely shared with third parties.


The eXate platform is modelled off the highly successful DevOps/DevSecOps process for software engineers and has been adapted to work as a DataSecOps process for data professionals.


DataSecOps is a discipline which empowers Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Governance, Risk and Control, Cyber Security & Operations teams to work together in a single application for safer and easier access, analysis, delivery and governance of data. By providing an embedded platform that automates the technical enforcement of data policies, eXate and DataSecOps helps solve the large-scale challenges created by complex global data privacy regulations.

eXate Pronunciation: /Ig'zayt/

Example of eXate in a sentence 

If you want to protect your data,
just eXate it!

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Data Privacy, Data Security,
Smart Data 
Privacy, DataSecOps

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