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Celebrate DataSecOps this Data Privacy Week (Free Infographic)

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Data Privacy Week (24 - 28 January) is an international effort to empower individuals and encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust by creating awareness about digital data privacy.

We at eXate are dedicated to spreading the word that effective data privacy practice is essential to ensure trust amongst your customers and a secure internal infrastructure - that is why we urge you to celebrate DataSecOps this Data Privacy Week!

What is DataSecOps?

DataSecOps is a discipline which empowers Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Governance Risk and Control, Cyber Security & Operations teams to work together in a single application for safer and easier access, analysis, delivery and governance of data.

DataSecOps is the evolution of the DevSecOps model for data management. By adopting DataSecOps, data-driven organisations are able to harness the power and capabilities of their valuable data assets through a single application. DataSecOps simplifies the governance of data, enabling a quicker, more effective process that isn’t hindered by cross-border regulations and restrictions.

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