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Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) new secure by design principles

Jen Easterly, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) spoke at the CrowdStrike Government Summit, and announced that the agency plans to release its secure by design principles this week to encourage the adoption of safe coding practices. She stated, “It’s incredibly important that we now focus on ensuring that the software that powers our lives is secure by design and secure by default.” The document is an important step when it comes to “shifting the burden to software companies from individual users and small businesses” when it comes to cybersecurity.

The secure by design approach to building software products isn’t a new idea but it is gaining more traction. CISA’s new secure by design principles include software vendors taking ownership of security outcomes for their customers and providing “radical transparency”.

As more unsafe technology is introduced to the world, it has become increasingly difficult to defend people from ever-evolving cyber threats. The US has allowed a system where the cybersecurity burden is placed disproportionately on the shoulders of consumers and small organisations and away from the producers of the technology and those developing the products.

Technology manufacturers must increasingly embrace their role in putting consumer safety first. Technology providers and software developers must take the first step to shift this burden by claiming ownership of their customers’ security outcomes.

Secure by Design products are those that are secure to use out of the box, embedded in the design and architecture of systems and business practice, this then follows into secure by design as it is built in the system by default.

eXate’s products work hand in hand to ensure that software is built on the secure by design, privacy by default principles.

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