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Diversity and Inclusion

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

By Alice Wild

Here at eXate, we take pride in being a diverse and inclusive organisation. It is not just a checkbox exercise for us; we equally respect and value everyone’s opinion, irrespective of their background. We promote diversity because it is what we want to see reflected in our industry, and it is essential to us that we are inclusive and will continue to be so. At eXate, we wholeheartedly embrace a diverse environment as we truly believe it supports and progresses our goal of making data privacy easy.

Looking at our journey, eXate has taken many steps to ensure that it is a diverse workplace. The promotion of an inclusive environment has driven the successful growth of our product, as with a diverse pool of talent comes different views and perspectives. This enables us to provide an excellent customer experience, as our employees are respected and empowered. As eXate grows, we notice that when people feel included they perform better because they are in a comfortable environment where they face no scrutiny against their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation or experience.

We are not here just to say we are diverse and inclusive but we are here to prove it. We:

  • Show you diversity across the entire company, top to bottom, including having a female founder

  • Include all voices. No matter what, we want to hear everyone's voice and make sure that it is abundantly clear in events, meetings or any interactions

  • Hire talent. No matter what your background, we focus on hiring the best talent for eXate and our customers

  • Spread awareness by actively participating and speaking at events promoting diversity and inclusion

  • Have committed ourselves to PwC's Tech She Can Charter - In 2018, PwC launched the Tech She Can Charter in a bid to increase the number of women entering the technology sector, and it has been signed by 53 signatories including eXate. Find out more here

  • Treat everyone fairly, no matter your background, here at eXate everyone is seen and treated as equal. This creates a healthy workplace where employees feel they belong and are connected to eXate

  • Educating our employees on diversity and inclusion, it is not enough for management to be educated. We know we must educate all employees to support our mission

  • Actively support teamwork and collaboration. With teamwork it brings talent together from all backgrounds and enforces creativity.

We look to spread awareness and help in the fight for diversity and inclusion. We don’t intend to just sit back and show that we as a company are diverse but also show that we are actively finding ways to join this mission and spread it globally. One way in which we are making a stand is by looking into events, programmes and movements to spread the word that the way forward is a diverse environment.



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