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Evolution of Data Privacy

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The landscape of data privacy has greatly evolved in the recent years, spurred on by ever-changing legislation, greater focus on the Cloud, the need for greater security, and the sudden upheaval caused by the global pandemic.

Data privacy is essential in ensuring that any information collected about you is stored correctly, maintained, and monitored to prevent unauthorised access to personally identifiable information. This data may include:

  • Medical history or biometric data

  • Racial or ethnic origin

  • Data relating to sexual orientation.

This is more important than ever as the risks of ransomware attacks and data breaches continue to increase - and organisations that fail to comply with data protection regulations such as the European Union’s GDPR will incur large penalties.

These regulations differ greatly on a global tier – with many iterations of policies being introduced constantly – from Brazil’s LGDP to California’s CCPA. To maintain compliance with these variations, many businesses have sought to overlay numerous Privacy Enhancing Technologies into their system.

Now, datasets continue to demand more functionality, as do these PETs, with techniques such as data privacy requiring significant technical expertise and resources – leaving areas of access vulnerable if not used correctly.

These datasets, as well as growing in size, have also grown in complexity – as many businesses lack one centralised location in favour of a hybrid, or completely Cloud-based approach as they attempt to scale correctly – an issue only made more complex as the recent pandemic forced architectures to change as many workers moved to virtual home-working environments.

From governing access to data, to ensuring that it is stored correctly and updated, the world of data privacy has evolved to become more complex and varied than ever before. At eXate, we aim to empower businesses to achieve universal compliance, while providing access to governance controls to reach the full potential of collected insights.

To learn more about how we help streamline the approach to global data privacy, why not book a free demonstration with us below?



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