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Rob Giglio Joins eXate’s Advisory Board

eXate is pleased to announce that Rob Giglio has joined eXate’s Advisory Board, sharing his 20 years of industry experience leading and executing global marketing and sales initiatives.

Rob currently serves as Chief Customer Officer of HubSpot – a leading CRM platform that provides software and support to help businesses grow better – where he leads HubSpot’s global marketing, sales, customer success, and operations teams. Prior to this, Rob served as the Chief Marketing Officer of DocuSign – DocuSign helps organisations connect and automate how they navigate their systems of agreement - where he was responsible for marketing and digital sales.

Peter Lancos, Co-CEO and Founder of eXate said, "Having already secured a number of renowned customers and partners, we are well-positioned to expand at pace. As a result, we wanted to ensure our first Advisory Board Member was someone who has experience in scaling businesses, which Rob has demonstrated with HubSpot, DocuSign, and Adobe. Rob’s exceptional knowledge of commercialising businesses, track record of exponential growth, and proven leadership experience makes him the best person for the role, and I’m thrilled that he has become part of the eXate journey."

eXate and its platform has emerged as a leader in enforcing data privacy, data protection, and dynamic Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) by embedding centralised controls in common data ingestion and distribution points. eXate is already providing its solution to leading corporations around the world.

Rob Giglio added, "For me, this was a very simple decision. We all know that data privacy has become a fundamental and global issue and firms should be ‘eXate-ing’ their data. This is the next big frontier for organisations working digitally to solve and I am excited to be helpful to eXate's team as they build their go-to-market strategies.


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