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eXate and Formpipe Partner to Enhance Data Security and Documentation Efficiency for Temenos Users

London, UK, June 26, 2024– eXate, a leading innovator in data privacy and security solutions and Formpipe, a leading provider of Customer Communication Management solutions are excited to announce a strategic partnership.

Although operating in different areas of the banking ecosystem, Formpipe and eXate have united to offer customers a secure solution that safeguards data in motion. This collaboration integrates Formpipe’s documentation solutions with eXate’s advanced data security and privacy technology, providing an unparalleled level of security and efficiency for users of the Temenos product suite. 

By leveraging both eXate’s and Formpipe’s products, requests made from Temenos Transact for document data stored in the Formpipe Autoform DM archival product will flow through to the eXate platform. By applying data privacy rule sets, the requested content will be protected based on various contextual signals such as the requesting user and originating country.

eXate’s Co-Founder & CTO, Sonal Rattan, added, “By combining our strengths with Formpipe, we are delivering a powerful solution that not only enhances data security but also streamlines the documentation process for Temenos users. Our APIgator solution ensures that data privacy is maintained without compromising on efficiency.”
“We are thrilled to partner with eXate to provide our customers with enhanced data security and seamless documentation solutions,” said Formpipe’s Ben Saxton. “We share the same goals: assisting Temenos' existing customers who need ISPs that enhance their banking solutions, and working with Temenos to win new opportunities by bringing significant added value to their banking platform, to help address more demanding requirements by leveraging our respective areas of expertise.”

This partnership represents a significant advancement in the banking technology landscape, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the critical needs of documentation efficiency and data security. Both companies are committed to ongoing innovation and support to help their customers navigate the complexities of the digital banking environment.

For more information about the partnership and the integrated solutions, please visit Formpipe and eXate.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Alice Wild


About eXate

eXate is a distributed software platform for enforcing data privacy, data protection, and dynamic Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) by embedding centralised controls in common data ingestion and distribution points. For more information, please visit and connect on LinkedIn.

About Formpipe

Formpipe creates and develops the ultimate document composition, distribution and digital storage platform for the world's leading banks and businesses. The Formpipe Platform provides a complete end-to-end service delivering everything a bank needs to produce and manage incoming and outgoing customer facing documents and information. Delivered as SaaS, and fully integrated with Temenos’ own cloud services, with minimal setup time and maximum speed and security. For more information, please visit and connect on LinkedIn.



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