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eXate <> Formpipe Demo

In this blog we will showcase harnessing the power of the eXate platform to perform seamless integrated data privacy and protection in harmony with the Formpipe Autoform DM archival product.

This will be demonstrated in the context of consuming Formpipe services through the Temenos Transact platform.

How It Works


  • Brad Pitt

  • Angela Jolie

Document types:
  • Manager 1 can only see Statements for Brad (can't see passport etc as they are only needed for signing up - don't need to see it for other purpose)

  • Manager 2 can only see Statements for Angelina

  • Compliance can see all documents for everyone including Statements, Passport pictures, Driving License, Signatures

Data Access Policy


Expand the list below to see the results:

Manager 1 Results

Manager 2 Results
Compliance Results


Request a Demo

Schedule a demo with one of our product experts today to learn more about eXate and Formpipe.



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