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Global Data Diaries | April 2, 2021

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

View from Peter Lancos, CEO

"To some the data privacy topic may feel like, in the words of TotalRetail's Matt Voda, a "slow rolling, deep water wave, far offshore without imminent threat"...however ignoring it and instead opting for a "let's see what happens" attitude will have serious negative consequences to you and your organisation! In this week's edition of Global Data Diaries we take a look at some of the key things to consider when talking about data privacy, as well as the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented on data privacy management."

Consumer Data Privacy: The Wave About to Hit Retail

Matt Voda in Total Retail asks: why should you and your brand care about the ever-growing number of global data privacy regulations? For starters, most brands collect, share and transmit consumer identity data for a wide variety of purposes, such as marketing measurement, personalization, targeting, profiling and other analytic pursuits. These same brands now have new, direct regulatory and financial risks as a result of the CCPA and CPRA.

Managing Data Privacy in the COVID-19 Environment – Navigating the Challenges of a Pandemic in 2021

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a global market disruption across multiple industries, and manufacturers expect the pandemic to continue to affect the automotive industry through 2021. The pandemic has not slowed the technological innovations in the industry or the pace of increasing regulation affecting data privacy and security.

A Balancing Act: Mitigating Data Privacy Risks in Cross-Border Discovery

Discovery requests implicating custodians and data outside the U.S. can potentially put organizations in a Catch-22: either fall short of their discovery obligations on the one hand or fall afoul of legislation in other nations prohibiting or limiting data collection and transfer to the U.S. on the other.


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