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Is APIphobia keeping you awake at night? eXate can help!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Do you have APIphobia? Does the thought of unsecured data flowing through your APIs keep you awake at night? Do you count cross-border data transfer regulations instead of sheep when you rest your head on your pillow?

Well never fear! APIgator by eXate will ensure that you have a great night’s sleep. With APIgator, you can manage your API access at a proxy level, and implement a DataSecOps solution that addresses the following:

  • Governance and Control around data access

  • Full audit with respect to who has accessed data

  • Multiple Privacy Enhancing Solutions (PETs) in a single tool

  • Centralised API management, which removes the need for addressing data privacy on a project by project basis.

Ok, I have to confess...APIphobia isn’t a fear of APIs. If you must know it is in fact a fear of bees!

Apiphobia or the fear of bees is a common zoophobia affecting a sizeable part of the population. The word is derived from Latin ‘api’ which means bees and Greek ‘phobos’ meaning deep dread or fear (REF: is a thing! However, never let a fact ruin a good story.

Your APIs are vulnerable. API security is historically done on an API-by-API basis by different development teams, leading to a lack of consistency. Rapidly evolving data privacy regulations mean that you are fighting an uphill battle to stay compliant.

Bees are not going to help you protect your APIs, but the eXate 'gator' will!

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