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Tackling Real World Privacy Needs

Wednesday, November 17th


It is important to chose the right tool for the job. This is why we are not working on a single privacy enhancing technology at eXate but aggregating Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PETs). This allows us to focus on building a system that helps you protect your data in the optimum way for your application. In this webinar we will be exploring some PETs and show how they can protect your well as exploring how costly it can be to leave your data unprotected.

In this webinar, Frederick Purcell, will cover:


  • Why we need different PETs and how they play a crucial role in implementing a successful data privacy strategy

  • How we can find the right PET for a given application

  • Why we need to be able to measure privacy and utility of data

About Frederick Purcell, PhD

With a background in data analytics, Frederick joined the eXate team in 2021 as a developer advocate. While working as part of the development and data science teams he has used the experience gained during his doctorate (Cardiff University) to realize innovative solutions to complex data privacy needs.

Join us for the webinar!

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