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It is important to understand the fundamentals of individual Privacy Enhancing Techniques (PETs). However, when considering the application of PETs on a data set, understanding the data that it contains is equally, if not more important. Only by understanding the privacy needs of your data set can you correctly choose and apply appropriate PETs. 

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Privacy Enhancing Techniques Cryptography Perturbation Non- Perturbation Mask Synthetic Data DeterministicEncryption Order-PreservingEncryption Format-PreservingEncryption HomomorphicEncryption Noise Addition Microaggregation LocalSuppression RecordSuppression Pseudonymisation

PETs make up a small part of the broader subject of data privacy. For more information on other topics please look at our other resources

Data Privacy PET's Models Metrics Privacy k - anonymityl - diversityt - closeness Cryptographic Non-Perturbation Perturbation e - differential Utility
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