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eXate awarded most innovative data privacy by design in A-Team Innovation Awards 2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

eXate is delighted to announce that we have won the 2022 award for "Most Innovative Data Privacy by Design" in the A-Team Innovation Awards! See a picture of eXate's Co-Founder and CTO, Sonal Rattan, with the award...

The awards, now in their second year, celebrate innovative projects and teams across vendor and practitioner communities that make use of new and emerging technologies to deliver high-value solutions for financial institutions in capital markets.

Angela Wilbraham, CEO of the A-Team Group, who hosted the A-Team InnovationAwards 2022, commented:

“There are incredible innovations in the world of capital markets data and technology. Our A-Team InnovationAwards 2022 celebrate and reward those companies at the forefront of innovation within our industry. We congratulate eXate in winning the Most innovative data privacy by design award in recognition of their excellence in driving forward progress in capital markets capabilities.”

Congratulations to everyone at eXate for making this special achievement happen!



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