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Sonal Rattan Talks All Things API Data Protection in Gateways

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

eXate are thrilled to invite you to apidays virtual conference INTERFACE - APIs: the next 10 years, June 8 & 9, 2022

The API Mindset is enabling the programmable economy. It is a subtle idea to scale innovation while keeping safety, to scale agility while respecting legacy, and to scale collaboration while keeping decentralized governance. The API Mindset is opening a new model for the next 10 years on the tech and business side. We can define it by a mix on the tech side of API design, API first architecture, Open API Standards and protocols, API management, Event-Driven architecture, Microservices and service meshes, and on the business side, API strategy, API-as-product, NoCode applications, API business model and API Driven platform models.

It is penetrating all industry sectors, from legacy businesses, and brick-and-mortar businesses to tech industries. It is diffusing in all regions, especially because of regulations forcing actors to open APIs in many industries like Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, and Supply chain.

API Data Protection in Gateways | June 8th @ 2:25PM PST

eXate's CTO & Co-Founder, Sonal Rattan, is presenting a talk on API Data Protection in Gateways at this year's INTERFACE by apidays virtual conference. Click here to register now and book your place to attend Sonal's talk on 8th March.



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