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The Big White Couch | ING

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

eXate co-founder and CEO Peter Lancos ‘takes a seat’ on ING's The Big White (social distancing) Couch...

'eXate' your data

Businesses strive to collect large amounts of data to predict customers’ wants and needs. But accessing, sharing and extracting value from data is a problem for many large organisations. Using eXate, companies can apply data policies automatically and this allows teams to manage data in a faster, more secure way.

“Your software engineers don’t have to be experts in cryptography to protect data. It’s all done in a simple and automated manner for them,” explained Peter Lancos, co-founder and CEO.

eXate started in 2019 after completing a proof of concept in ING Labs Brussels in 2019. ING Ventures has invested in eXate to help the software company develop its data management platform.

“We allow the different constituents of a company, such as global risk and compliance, IT teams, software engineers, and data scientists to work together and use eXate’s technology to enforce the rules around how data can be shared and who’s allowed to see it,” said Peter.



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